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Specialized voltage stabilizers that are designed to make your life break free.

AC Stabilizer

Our AC Stabilizers regulate the voltage output seamlessly to ensure uninterrupted working of Air Conditioner.

Refrigerator Stabilizers

Our Refrigerator stabilizers ensure proper cooling of refrigerator & protects it during voltage surges. They also keep refrigerators safe from High Voltage Burns.

TV Stabilizer

Our TV Stabilizer protects your valuable TV from getting damaged against potentially dangerous voltage surges and Spikes.

Main Line Stabilizer

Our mainline Stabilizer is specially designed to provide 24X7 precise voltage which makes it the ideal choice for house load appliances.

Servo Stabilizers

Servo Voltage Stabilizer Are designed to provide very accurate and precise output voltage for your sensitive appliances.

A Industry Veteran into Capri Group

Capri Group is the market leader in the field of power conditioning devices specially voltage stabilizers. Under the leadership of industrial veteran Mr. Sushil Kumar Jain, Capri group has earned unmatched reputation in the industry. The company has completely revolutionized the world of stabilizers by launching diversified product line of stabilizers with unsurpassed features. Today, we deal in complete range of stabilizers including TV/AC/Refrigerator and Mainline stabilizers.

Rephrase “For Uncompromising Quality and Best prices, Capri stabilizers"

“For Uncompromising Quality and Best prices, select Capri Voltage Stabilizers"

Stabilizers Unrivalled In Every Sense

Protect Your Home Appliances from voltage spikes and surges intelligently

Wall Mounting

Ensure stabilizers won’t get damaged or wet when placed on unsafe or on ground. That’s why we have wall mounted stabilizers for you.


Are stabilizers available in various ways search as digital display analogue metre and LED Indicators.

Power Saver Technology

Are France for Mercer efficiently designed to consume minimum power thus saves electricity and cost.


Ideal Time Delay Systems

It allows time lapse for appliance, compressor and pressure stabilization to protect against compressor failiures.


Digitized stabilizers are designed to ensure quick & efficient switching of relays to protect and safeguard your appliance.

Overload Protection

In case of short circuit or any form of burn-out owing to overload, Overload protection feature turns off the stabiliser output completely.

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